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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sonogram Informed Consent Act

To refuse to see the image of the child in the womb when considering abortion is to refuse to acknowledge the proof the sonogram provides. The proof this is not an illness but a human being and the right of the woman to seek medical intervention has now been passed on to a new human being with the same rights; no longer the woman having sole and exclusive rights but sharing those rights no less critically than with any other human being. Killing the child is archaic and in most cases the procedure is barbaric to say the least. The woman need not commit her life to the care of the child once born but may turn the baby over for adoption. But there is no excuse for unrestricted abortions. The very act of procreation was entered into knowing the purpose of the act regardless of the venue, in nature or in science and even in faith regardless of those who do not practice a faith. When the act becomes a confirmed pregnancy, there is then another human being having the same right to life as the person who has conceived. The woman no longer has sole right to life. If we were not so hypocritical when it comes to what abortion is and insisting it is not murder, no one could ever be held responsible for any criminal action which causes the death of an unborn child.