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Devotion to Christ is caring more about knowing the Truth than discovering one may have been incorrect in what they initially believed.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holy Spirit - A daily prayer

Holy Spirit, thank you for guiding me through the day; please help me to grow stronger in faith and spirit that I may grow closer to God. Help me to overcome my weaknesses for I am weak; to learn patience and understanding and not hold ill feelings toward those who I may come into conflict. I pray that you will help the children who are in distress; guide and keep my family safe.

I thank you Father, for all that you have given me in my life, including the earth, nature and wildlife in its beauty as you created it. I thank you for my spouse (name) who I love dearly, and for our children. I thank you for all of my family, my friends, and for the time I shared with my departed loved ones; and I thank you for your Son, my Lord, Jesus Christ; thank you my Lord for the sacrifices you made for us.

I beg your forgiveness and mercy Dear Lord, for the sins I have committed and I pray the guidance and grace of the Holy Spirit to help me overcome my weaknesses that I may be your good and faithful servant. Holy Spirit, guide your Church and the vicar of Our Lord. May it always be reconciled by and to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, who is our High Priest. We pray for the conversion of sinners; the reunification of your faithful; the purification from sin for the souls awaiting heaven and the safety of the faithful from unjust harm.
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end, Amen.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Law against circumcision? Fatally Apathetic

Another example of the perverted society we have developed and history will define us by;
Abortion is acceptable but circumcision, a religious rite as practiced (as an example) by the Jewish faith,"must be outlawed". It should be eyebrow raising why this is even on a congressional agenda during a time of such diverse human and financial crises?

It should also be noted how many in the federal government including the president are so interested in producing laws that would break down the rights of religions to practice and serve in their faith through public media and now target religious rites thousands of years in worship and practice.

Pardon this display of frustration, but many in our society have become so fatally apathetic toward our own rights we have refined apathy to its perfection. ...Social priorities. God help us all.

They promise them freedom, though they themselves are slaves of corruption, for a person is a slave of whatever overcomes him. (2 Peter CH2; v19)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

why Suffering and Death Lord?

With the suffering or loss of a loved one or our own suffering in this human existence, even those who are not in what would be considered a close relationship with Christ will find them self praying to God asking why these things occur. “Why oh Lord, did you bring this upon me?”; “why did you allow this suffering?”; “why do you ignore my prayers?”; why did you not intercede for me?"
It is most common for us to blame our Lord for these pains and sufferings, whether of our lost loved ones or illnesses, but most often we do this without realizing God’s will and our suffering are conflicts in themselves.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Devoted to Scripture?

The Gospels are like "cliff notes" of Christ's teachings through the lineage of the one Church He founded to present every man with the opportunity of salvation. Even Saint John tells us it is no where near all that Jesus had said or done. It is the encapsulated proof of the true Church testified to by the Inspired Word of God and provided to all through the life of the world that we may be able to recognize her until He returns. Scripture even tells us who wins this battle in the end. The Eucharist is the test of faith and the truth in teachings throughout the lineage of that Church. There always were only two sides, those who accepted His word without question and those who could not. It all comes down to who cares more about knowing the truth than they do about learning they may have been wrong in what they believed.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Christians supporting same sex relationships

In regard to those who refer to themselves as gay, lesbian or homosexual, male or female, it must be made very clear from the start that there is a drastic difference between a person who is or believes them self to be homosexual and a person who enters into or remains in a homosexual relationship. Such relationships are intrinsically disordered as the Catholic Church states. The Catholic Church does NOT judge sinful a person for tendencies toward same sex attraction or temptations in them self, but stands firm that such tendencies and temptations must not be acted upon. Such would require abstinence in devotion to faith and love of God and His Word.In commenting on this subject, we will put aside the issue of whether homosexuality is physiological or psychological, as many have their own opinions. Opinions in this matter do not sway the Word of God throughout the Old Testament nor the Teachings of Christ in the New Testament in any way to justify a homosexual relationship. Such relationships are referred to as perverted acts in opposition to man’s nature as created by God, and supporting such a relationship is no more acceptable. To be Christian, one must realize it is no man’s place to judge another man’s soul, but it is a responsibility of every Christian to determine the sinfulness of the actions of others to determine and avoid accompaniment into sin. This is true regardless of which commandment or proclamation of God one may come in conflict with. No one knows what lies within a man’s heart but God. So what is the difference between a “homosexual person” and those in a homosexual relationship? Very simply, it is the same with every temptation. It is the act that is the sin, not the temptation.

Let’s not fool ourselves any longer; anyone who believes in God and calls themselves Christians yet condones or supports same sex relationships and marriage, are promoting serious sin to those who suffer such tendencies causing them to fall deeper into those temptations with absolutely no justification other than to follow today's "its all good" liberalism. Such supporters can not justify support through God’s will, morality, self respect, nature, or science, and in fact oppose all of these elements of life while assuming grievous sin upon their own souls. Condoning such relationships and the legalization of same sex marriages may seem to be promoting freedom but in fact misleads many of those who would normally abstain from such degradation of morality to believe, because others publically find it acceptable, it must be acceptable. Those who attempt to justify same sex marriage by claiming marriage is only a contractual agreement not explicit to the union under God specifically to members of opposite gender are arrogant in their attempt to pervert the union of marriage as it has been declared for thousands of years and as it has been recognized as a covenant of unification under God. The commission of sin is not limited to only certain Christian faiths. No Christian, regardless of belief system, can support the legalization of same sex marriage while not committing grievous sin just as is true in supporting abortion. In itself, the family is the foundation of solidarity in every country. When we begin to recognize we have formed ourselves into a society that is completely destroying the fabric of “family” through habitual divorce, sexual relationships outside of marriage, abortion, and same sex marriage, and in turn the spiraling decent toward destruction of our society, there may be time left to pray for God’s Mercy, or not.
For more information, click above article title or here.

An added thought; it should be disturbing to realize we have fostered a society where many with natural sexual attraction who desire to live in a "marital relationship" have adopted the notion that the commitment of marriage itself is more of an unnecessary burden while those of homosexual tendencies seek so fervently the legal "right" to be "married". But is it?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Modern Society vs Morality

A description of which society?: a culture of immorality, all but totally abandoning the institutions of marriage and family values, principles of life in procreation along with the general acceptance of abortion and contraception, unwavering acceptance of divorce, social and legal acceptance of homosexuality, newly established fellowships in paganism, genocide against the unborn more commonly out of convenience preceded by uninhibited promiscuity and negligence, a consistent growth in the rate of multiple and mass murders both within families and among the general public, murder/suicides; the adoption of “legally” accepted devaluation of life of senior citizens within society reducing their access to medical procedures based on economic valuation under adopted standards established by politicians determining value of life proportionate to age and estimated longevity or “human monetary worth”, with the option to “assist suicide” for those refused medical treatment based on age while growing ever closer toward selective euthanasia.