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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spiritual but not Religious?

In our previous article titled "Modern Society vs. Morality" we discussed the serious state of today’s society in its all but total abandonment of morality and its close parallels with that of the Caligula society of the 1st century AD. Recently, several books have been published disclosing the results of numerous surveys based on public opinion expressing today’s views of morality and our denial of the necessity of formal (Church) teachings in such regard. It is painfully clear that many of our younger adults today are suffering the consequences of little to no religious teaching or moral guidance by their parents during their youth.
The following is an article published by Zenit, Oct. 14th, 2011

Where Is Religious Belief Headed?
Young People Evaluate Morals: OK vs 'Dumb'
By Father John Flynn, LC

ROME, OCT. 14, 2011 - A couple of recent books provide interesting insights into the current state of religion in the United States and what we can expect from those coming into adulthood.

The first, "FutureCast: What Today's Trends Mean for Tomorrow's World," (Barna Books) is by George Barna, a prolific author who founded the Barna Research Group. Based on numerous surveys of public opinion, the book looks at where society is today on a range of social issues.

Three of the book's chapters look at religious beliefs and practices. Religious self-identification has remained very stable, with 84% calling themselves Christians in 1991, compared to 85% in 2010. Nevertheless, Barna observed that many embrace the title without backing it up in practice.

For example, only 45% strongly believe the the Bible is totally accurate in all of the principles it teaches. This declines to only 30% for those born from 1984 onwards. Only 34% of the adult public believe that there is any absolute moral truth, with barely 3% holding this among those born in 1984 and later. Barna also noted that among adults associated with a Christian church only half affirm that they are absolutely committed to the Christian faith.

One of the recent changes in religious identity is the growth in those who describe themselves as spiritual but not religious.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meaning of Life - Why did God create us?

Out of God’s Love Comes Life
Perhaps we may find it easier to comprehend God’s intention for our existence, the meaning of life as it were, by considering in our limited capacity how He may explain it to us as we may explain to our own children. In many ways and limitless circumstances, Scripture tells us of our relationship with God; our varied levels of devotion and with some of us our departure from Him. It expresses to us His never ending love, forgiveness and acceptance of us should we seek to return to Him. This essay does not claim to be a transcript recorded directly from the mouth of God. It is a mere human perspective of the unimaginable, the flawless, incorruptible love only Our Heavenly Father could have for us. It has however, been written fervently attentive to the relationship between God and man as expressed throughout Scripture. Perhaps Our Father may say to us:
So many times my children, I have heard you question, why would God bother to create man; why would He love man? In a way that you may better comprehend the depth of love I have for you, I will express Myself according to your words. First, I ask the question of you: why do a man and woman so sincerely devoted in life and love to one another, long to bring forth children? Is it not the procreation of life in the sharing of that love that expresses the deepest respect, trust and surrender, devotion and freely given commitment between a man and a woman? As a man and woman become of one flesh in their sacramental union, is not their child the perfect expression of that unification into one flesh born of that love? Yet this testament to creation is less than a passing thought compared to that which rests within Me. For this reason I have bestowed upon you the gift of bringing forth children, directly sharing in My creation of life so that you may experience that most Blessed expression of love and the creation of human life made in my own image and likeness.

The foolish man of little faith may say it is a natural animal instinct to reproduce, degrading man to the level of a thoughtless beast. How foolish can intelligence render a man? For animals have no conception of love nor emotions, no pleasures derived from their day to day witness of their children as they grow and interact in their parent-child relationship; they cherish no memories and they know no guilt for wrongful acts a husband or wife may commit in offense to their loved one. They have no thought or desire in the willing commitment of a relationship with their beloved. Is it not true that man well knows his being is above all creation? Although many of My children have abused this precious gift I have bestowed upon them, there has never been a child conceived that was not My child. There has never been a soul brought into the world that I did not love, and never a child I did not wish to share in eternal life. Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. It is because of these I have so long ago proclaimed, for every human life I will demand an accounting; even from animals I will demand an accounting of human life and from man I will demand it, for each and every one is My child whom I love. Yes, I love you.

So deeply I desired you, to love you and be loved as your true Father; to give you life and bestow upon you the heritage of eternal joy in My Kingdom, My Heavenly Universe. A magnificent Kingdom existing beyond all realms and limitations of beauty, purity, time and distance and the longing that you may share in this never ending paradise with Me if only that you may freely choose to return my love. Of this Kingdom no mortal can conceive, for this is the ultimate gift of life in its fullness and majesty.

Before you, My child, I created the angels, but then they had no lacking in their knowledge of Me or in their immediate relationship with Me. Although they also have been gifted with free will, theirs is an existence that left them no real need for choice of one path over another because they were created into Heaven and received fulfillment in their creation. They never experienced a life of choices. For My beloved angels to choose anything otherwise would be to choose wantonness; to reject all for part; satisfaction for dissatisfaction; contentment for discontent and absolute for uncertainty. Their love is true for Me as is Mine for them founded upon that which they knew of Me upon their creation and there was never the need for any other consideration on their part simply because they could only choose less. Yes, they choose Me lovingly and devoutly in the most sincere angelic way but in a sense their free will was hampered by the instance of their most intimate relationship with Me without alternatives to choose in their existence.

But what, I pondered, of a being that would be born in My image and likeness yet possess no true pre-knowledge of Me to interfere with his or her free will?