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Devotion to Christ is caring more about knowing the Truth than discovering one may have been incorrect in what they initially believed.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

What would you be fearful to learn?

Whether you are a “fallen away” or “non-practicing” Catholic, have converted to one of many protestant faiths, or have always been of a protestant faith and never knew the true Catholic faith, we encourage you to express and discuss your thoughts and faith beliefs in our blog.

There are many today that were raised in the Catholic faith but have separated for personal reasons or disbeliefs, but do they really know why or what they separated from? Did they really know their faith or Scripture in the first place? As one who has been there I can tell you with all confidence they did not, or the threat of death itself wouldn’t have separated them from the one Church Jesus founded with His Blood. Learn what you thought you knew but didn’t really know.

For those of another faith who were never of the Catholic Faith but have opinions based on what you have been led to believe, learn the truth.