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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Separated Catholics

Part one

 Unbridling of Liberalism
During the 1960s and 1970s, those of us brought up in Catholic families who were then in our adolescent years should be very familiar with the variety of social influences being introduced at that time. As early teens and those barely considered of “legal age”, based on our interests and lack of true maturity we had many directions to choose from in the infancy of our soon approaching independent lives. What with the shallow concept most of us possessed from our growing years of Catholic teachings, we were still at a very impressionable age, although no one could tell us that. At the same time, we were presented socially with the choice to continue with God and the practice, learning and continued growth of our faith or follow the undeniably enticing if not infectious liberal attributes of the “sexual revolution” and the “peace, drugs, and rock and roll” philosophy.

So how did our generation turn out? The statistical averages for these last 50+ years show 50% to 70% of all baptized Catholics in the United States do not practice their faith because they claim they did not “agree” with all the “Church teachings”. A small percentage converted to another more liberal protestant faith that better corresponded to what they would accept. Ironically, they themselves in their rejection of some teachings and acceptance of others have basically done the same thing the “protestant reformers” chose to do in leaving the Catholic Church for predominantly the same reasons. The most significant difference being the separated Catholics of this last 50 years did not establish their own faith, but joined others who founded a belief system based on their individual opinions starting around 1517 CE with thousands of new denominations established throughout the last 500 years to today.

Now, can we be honest with ourselves? follow link to continue reading...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Barack Obama - reflection of life record

Whether one wants to hear it or not, the attached article is fact and provides its own correlating support.
Click on the above title or Barack Obama's official pro-abortion record for the full article.

You Decide

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mass - What and Why?

Many non-Catholics question the validity of the Catholic Celebration of the Mass believing it to be nothing more than an elaborate tradition. Without realizing it they also follow their own traditions including bible study, routine fellowship gatherings and periods of gospel discussion to name a few. However, if they learned the truth regarding the Catholic Mass they could hardly disagree with its validity as it has been the worship of the Eucharistic celebration throughout history and its structure is that of Biblical content. For anyone to suggest the celebration of the Mass is invalid would be to suggest worship of our Lord and the Inspired word of God invalid, as this is exactly what the Mass is. Only Minor changes have been made throughout the centuries but only in form, not Scriptural validity.

Structurally, the Catholic mass IS scriptural and here we hope to clarify to those who have no knowledge of the contents of the Mass, exactly what the Catholic celebration of the mass consists of with references. Click here to learn more.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Replacement Theology

Recently I had the occasion to read another blogger's post regarding "replacement theology" which is categorized by that blogger as follows:

"Replacement Theology also known as Supersessionism is any theology that calls the church the New Israel. There are many forms of it, but here are the two most popular:

1. Israel’s role as the people of God was completed (economic supersessionism). This is the kinder and gentler way of stating the basic thesis of Replacement Theology. It says that once the Messiah came 2,000 years ago, Israel’s mission was completed. A transition occurred at that point, and the Church took over as the people of God and became the focal point for the outworking of God’s plan and purpose in redemption. God is no longer working administratively through ethnic Israel.

2. Israel’s place as the people of God was forfeited (punitive supersessionism). Other Replacement theologians are more straightforward and actually say that the supposed replacement of Israel was a divine judgment on the nation for its rejection of the Messiah in the first century. This is what some writers have called “punitive secessionism."

“Furthermore, if they believe that God replaced Israel with the Church, on what consistent basis can they say that God did not replace the Church with someone else? I propose to you, there is none.”

I wish to correct this blogger's misconception and dispel such a misconception held by anyone of any faith including Catholics who may be of such a mistaken mindset.
Please remember throughout this response that I offer this in all due respect, not to be considered demeaning. The Catholic Church teaches Israel to be God’s chosen people, the very foundation of Christianity never taking that away from them.  The above interpretation is invalid for this reason. That it was in fact Jews who become followers of the teachings of Christ and established the Christian faith. Mary was a Jew; Jesus was a Jew; the Apostles were Jews, and so on.

In the very beginning of the apostolic mission the faith was referred to as “the way”. As time went on it was ancient society who labeled the followers of Christ as “Christians”. As the Faith of the Christians grew ancient society referred to them as “Universal” which is how it became known as “Catholic”. The Catholic Church teaches Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament, the Messiah, through the prophecies we all should know of by this point and If I may put it in very simple terms, the final completed work of the Inspired Word of God, in the sense of both Old and New Testament in unison. It does not teach it “replaced” Israel, but was born of it and accepted the gentiles who believed in the Messiah, Jesus Christ, as one.

“Before we begin, let's define what teaching magisterium is, at least how I define it for the purposes of this video.”

“Teaching Magisterium is the ability to authoritatively, and perhaps infallibly, interpret the Scriptures. Yes, the New Testament teaches that the disciples were to read and interpret the Scriptures to others.”

As far as “the New Testament teaches that the disciples were to read and interpret the Scriptures to others”, there are no such references to written verses in the Gospels one may refer to that claim the “disciples were to read” then interpret Christ’s teachings to others. Preaching the Gospel was the teaching method of Christianity before anything was written and continued beyond the writings. All subject matter of learning generated from experienced teachers before there were any text books available in there respective subject, regardless of subject. That is the normal progression of the advancement of education.

the Catholic Church being referred to as the "new Israel" would then not discount the Jewish faith but simply refer to the completion of the Old Testament with the New Testament united as the Inspired Word of God and include ALL believers, regardless of Jew or Gentile. It is not a disposing of the Jewish faith but growth of it. As far as Judaism in opposition to the belief that Christ is the Messiah, we pray for their recognition and conversion to Christianity. If one is stuck in the sand on a beach, it does not suggest they no longer exist or they are less important than those who have progressed.

I hope this better enlightens those who believe any differently.