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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

There are two very simple yet profound principles some understand and live by in life realizing the importance of these principles in establishing their personal priorities and subsequent goals. As the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 6 expresses; “…for where your treasure is, there also will your heart be”, which reflects what should be the first priority over all, seeking and keeping a relationship with Jesus Christ. And the second being “Home is where the heart is”, which reflects the true fulfillment in personal human relationships in this earthly life.

Some have always known the one true fulfillment this human existence can offer. Some who are deeply blessed know the fulfillment of life in its completeness which is God and loved ones, the family. Priorities determine the level of achievement leading to fulfillment. Pride is misleading and the pursuit of fulfillment of pride leads to a future awakening of a lost opportunity to live life at its true intent and meaning.

God gave us the means to fulfill our lives. It is up to each of us to appreciate and pursue our goals based on properly ordered principles, our priorities. The test of priorities first comes in our relationship with God. If that relationship is maintained and lived accordingly, one can not deny that the many crises individuals fall into today would never have occurred in their personal lives. The second priority is that of a truly loving and devoted relationship as reflected in its expression of love and the significance of retaining family interaction and relationships between children and parents. This will also be well reflected in the same level of priority between husband and wife.

If a husband and wife do not possess the yearning as loving companions to be with each other more strongly than the pursuit of wealth, they will never achieve satisfaction or fulfillment. If one does not understand there is a difference between satisfaction and fulfillment, they have already lost a great deal in the pursuit of life’s treasures.

Monetary and materialistic gains will never be enough and will never provide fulfillment. The more one earns, the more one desires. The more the desires grow, the more one has to earn monetarily. In a truly loving relationship, marriage is a joyful confirmation of the sincere commitment between both people entered into voluntarily. In this relationship two people would find prolonged and frequent separation disheartening and would more often choose to be in one another’s accompaniment rather than frequently be apart from each other for prolonged periods to pursue monetary or materialistic gains beyond what is considered reasonable by social economic standards. It should be the loving companionship the relationship is based upon and the pursuit of goals then supportive of the relationship.

Goals are most certainly a necessity but should never be THE priority or come at the expense of familial relationships. If the marriage is based on what one can obtain financially or materialistically, there will never be enough to satisfy monetarily, materialistically or personally. Home will not be were the heart is because the heart has no true home, but rather an ever growing price. The master becomes money and the acquisition of property. And there is always something better than what one possesses. The esteem sought by owning an appealing car, the elegance of a yacht, the extravagance of an “impressive” home, the quality and magnificence of the jewelry or the popularity of the designer who’s name label’s their clothes, – there will always be a car more appealing; there will always be a yacht more elegant; there will always be a home more extravagant; there will always be jewelry more magnificent; there will always be a newer and more popular designer.

There will never be satisfaction or fulfillment if monetary and materialistic gains are placed equal to or greater than familial relationships. And if those relationships are sacrificed for those gains, one has already made a bad investment at the expense of their own life. The family relationship provides the friendship, love, support and companionship of a spouse. The love, sincerity, compassion and guidance of the elder more experienced parents, and for the youngest of the family, the children and grandchildren, the opportunity for them to benefit from the love and sharing and interaction of all their family through active participation with parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and so on. The influences offered in these traits can not be bought or recovered if squandered away.

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